Saturday, June 23, 2018


Jane Boulter.
What can I say???
One of my greatest friends for the last 35 years!!!

I first met Jane in the 1981-1982 school year, my 2nd year of teaching.
She subbed once for me, and was the BEST!!!
I was thrilled when she was hired to teach 2nd grade!
She later taught 4th, 5th with me, and 6th.

Tutoring buddies
 Team member 
Ukulele duet of"Sweet Violets" in the Faculty Frolics 
Temple escort for me along with Ann Searle the
first time I went to the temple
Movie friend
Dinner companion
Thanksgiving hostess
Christmas parties
New Years Eve parties
Chef Extraordinaire
Broadway Shows:
Les Miserables
Phantom of the Opera
Roommate on trips to: 
Cedar City
St. George
Caribbean Cruise
New York City 
(Ann Searle was my roommate in San Francisco)
Temple Worker
Retired Teachers Lunch

Jane's first year of teaching.
Front row, third from left.
Brian Page, Principal.

A better picture.  Jane is to the right of Principal Roger Olsen.
This was the year that Jane and I did the first cross-age tutoring
 at Alpine Elementary!  

Last year of teaching.
Second row, next to Cathy.
Principal David Stephenson.

After retirement, Jane went on for many years to substitute
at Alpine Elementary.  She was my sub once for 5 weeks!
I had torn tendons in my foot (the beginning of my foot problems).
I talked to my students the day after Thanksgiving break.
I told them I was going to be gone until after Christmas.
I sent a letter home with the kids.  In the letter, I told
them that Jane Boulter would be the sub.
All of the parents were
 happy about that!  
I worked for 3 weeks on lesson plans, running off papers,
and I even had a Christmas Box with activities!
After Christmas, the foot doctor said I was not ready to return. 
 I was out another 2 1/2 weeks.  Jane had just said, "No Problem."
When I returned, I kept finding things around the room
and in my desk.  The kids said, "That's Mrs. Boulter's."
One student said, "She sets things down all over, just like you!"

Here are some pictures, in no particular order.
I screenshot some.  Others were on Facebook.

Jane lived most of her adult life in Alpine.
She loved to drive around it.

Jane, along with Ann Searle were my escorts at the
temple when I was endowed.
January 20, 1996

Some of my teacher friends at the Provo LDS Temple.
(Many more came, but didn't hang around after.)
Cathy Tibbitts and Jane, front.
Mary Baxter, Carolyn Hutchings, Linda Western, Ann Searle, me,
Vicky Haws, Adonna Iverson, Analee Wiser, Jennifer Levine.

We had "Olympic Fever!"  
(Actually, we were going to a Jazz game right before the Olympics.
The weather during the Olympics was the best!!!)

In front of the Salt Lake Ice Center

Jane took Carolyn, Cathy, & I on a tour of the
Church Office Building.  This was her mission.
We did this one day during our Christmas Break.

Top of the Church Office Building

Cheers.  First day of school lunch for retired teachers.

 Birthday singing time for Jane.

If I'm in a pumpkin shirt, and we're eating lunch,
it must be my birthday!
The "Fab Four!

Great picture at the first day of school lunch.
Cathy's mom joined us!

Trying to take a selfie without "Selfie Queen Carolyn."
Draper Temple

 Don Beckstrand's shower

First row:  Jane, Cathy Tibbitts, Vicky Haws, Jack Brown,
Jill Urish, Carolyn Hutchings, Mary Baxter, me.
Back row:  Diane Durrant, Adonna Iverson, Heidi Park, Diane Walter,
Paige Mecham (soon to be Beckstrand), Don Beckstrand,
John Pool, Ann Searle.

Cathy's grandson's Wedding

Cheryl Dominguez Retirement Dinner at her home

Archibald's at Gardner Village

Thank goodness Carolyn worked on her selfie skills!
Jazz game.


Christmas Dinner

First Day of School Lunch 
Blue Lemon

Christmas at Don & Paige Beckstrand's home

Jazz game

First Presidency Devotional

Christmas Lunch at Ann Searle's home

Pioneer Day MoTab concert.
Favorite usher, Don.
He and his wife served as volunteer missionaries
at the LDS Conference Center.

Christmas Dinner

Ran into former student, Aaron Dominguez and his wife, Alyssa,
at a MoTab concert


July, 1994
UTAH SHAKESPEAREAN FESTIVAL (and teacher workshops),

Jane, Cathy Tibbitts, Carolyn Hutchings, 
Ann Mitchell, Cheryl Dominguez, John Pool

We took teacher workshops at the
Shakespearean Workshop in Cedar City.
We also got to see plays while we were down there.
The downer to this trip, was Jane got flat tires during
the night while we stayed there.

Since several in our group had never been there,
we decided to go to Zion National Park.

My favorite part, since I was a little girl living
in St. George, was the Zion Tunnel.
In college, "Tunnel Running" was a fad 
at night . . . not for me!

We went to Tuacahn, near Snows Canyon,
just outside of St. George.
When it first opened, they had an original musical
called "Utah", which we saw.  It was about settling
the St. George area.
We also had a dutch oven dinner there.
Now, Tuacahn has great broadway plays every summer,
and many concerts!
My former student, Eliza Payne, was in the Utah play.
Another former student, Ali Fisher, played Marta in
The Sound of Music.  
Both did it all summer long!

January 27-28, 1995

Travel Buddies:
Ann Searle, Cathy Tibbitts, Jane Boulter, Carolyn Hutchings,
Jennifer Levine, Linda Western and her 3 daughters:
Laura, Carrie, and Marie, Jill & Don Urish, Vicky Haws, and me.

We went on a whirlwind trip . . . which means less than 24 hours!
We arrived in San Francisco at 7:30 p.m.
We arrived the next day back in Salt Lake City at 6:00 p.m.
The purpose of the trip was to see the Broadway play,
"Phantom of the Opera."

I had some cute pictures of the trip on my board by my
desk at school, but couldn't find them after packing up.
So...enter Google!

We rode a trolley car until 1:00 a.m.
"Big Daddy" was our driver.
He'd never seen people have so much fun, so late at night,
and we weren't even drinking!

The next morning, we walked the entire length of the
Golden Gate Bridge . . . over and back!
This is my only original picture of the trip on this post.

We ate chowder in sourdough bowls, and went
shopping at Fisherman's Wharf.

We drove through Chinatown.

The city was soooo full of excitement!
It was Super Bowl Weekend!!!
There were pictures of the players on the sides
of buildings, especially our own BYU QB, Steve Young!
By the Golden Gate Bridge, there were floral arrangements
in the shape of the team logo.
Souvenir stands with 49ers shirts, pennants, etc. were everywhere!
And . . . the 49ers won, with Steve Young as the MVP.

April 24-May 2, 2004



Jane, Ann Mitchell, Cathy & Brad Tibbitts, Carolyn & Lynn Hutchings,
Jill & Don Urish, Heidi & Creighton (Heidi's son) Park,
Doug & Jeanie Vance

That's right!  We missed an entire week of school!!!
Our new principal, David Stephenson, was not too happy about it!
Ruth Anderson was my sub for the week.


Corbin Wright, one of my students that year, was actually on the same cruise!
He started telling me in the fall that he was going on a
Caribbean Cruise in April.  I told him, "Me, too!"
He told me that there was no way we would be on the same cruise.
I kept telling him, "I'll bet we are!"
At the beginning of April, after I kept teasing and telling him we would
be on the same cruise, he brought in a paper his mom wrote
with the name of the cruise and ship, departure port, and dates.
I actually had my cruise folder in my file cabinet.
I pulled it out, looked at it, and showed him.
Exactly the same!!!
He just about DIED!!! 
 A cruise with over 4,000 people
on it and one of them is your teacher!!!
Before I left, I showed him the counter with all of the work
that was run off for the week.  I told him that he would have
to do all of the work when he returned, UNLESS, he found me on
the cruise and got a picture with me!!!
He found me before we even left the harbor!!!

I found him and his brother the first night in the hot tub.
I taught his brother, Trevor, about 8 years before.
He was going to the MTC about 3 days after we got home
to serve a mission in Cambodia.
I saw his family all the time on the cruise!
I even found out that his grandparents, who were with them,
lived just south of my house!
I saw Corbin run by when we were in Johnny Rockets,
but I never saw him again.  EVER.
We were in the same color group for our luggage to
be taken off the ship, AND we were waiting at the
Salt Lake Airport for our luggage to come off!
(He went with Trevor to the bathroom then).
Sooooo funny!
He was sooooo smart!
Served a mission.
Currently married.
University of Utah student.
Ventura Capital Analyst at University Growth Fund.


Miami Beach

 Cruise Ship
Royal Caribbean's Voyager of the Seas

Checking out the La Scala theater room on the ship

Chillin' at Coco Cay, Bahamas
Royal Caribbean's private island

Captain's Table
I guess he forgot to invite us!

Dinner on the ship

Dunn's River Falls

Our ship at Bahamas

Cruising past Cuba.  
10 years later, it would be open to all.
It was like it was frozen in time from the 1950's
when Fidel Castro became the dictator.

Mardi Gras Night after our day in Jamaica

Mardi Gras Parade on the ship

While the others went to swim with the stingrays,
Jane & I rode a boat out with a diver.
We then went to a glass bottom boat, and saw the
stingrays with the diver.

That one time Jane & I literally went to HELL!
Grand Cayman
(Probably not good for 2 temple ordinance workers to go there)

Turtle Farm

Seven Mile Beach
Grand Cayman

Our cabin stewards made fun towels for us.
This was a stingray, after our day in Grand Cayman.

Ruins at Tulum, Mexico
The crew

We asked to have an LDS tour guide.
Here are the 3 temple workers (Lynn, me, and Jane) in front of the temple.
Our tour guide was Limhi!

April 17-21

Travel Buddies:
Jane, me, Cathy & Brad Tibbitts, Vicky & Jay Haws,
Carolyn & Lynn Hutchings, Emily Memmott Olsen, 
Misty Killpack, Annalea Warwood, Marilee Bradley Brooks,

Sonya Allen (Marilee's roommate)

Manhattan LDS Temple

Jane, Vicky & Jay and I went to an 8:00 a.m. session
at the Manhattan Temple.  We saw the rest of these
coming in when we were going out!
(The others were a few minutes behind them)
The temple is on one side of the building,
while offices, chapels, etc. is on the other.
The Celestial Room is like a Broadway Theater!
It even has a little balcony!
The doorknobs has the Statue of Liberty torch!
It is across the street from Julliard.

Vicky, Jane, and Me
We are sitting in the median in front of the
Manhattan Temple.
It is all landscaped by the Church.

Statue of Liberty

Jane was sooo nice to me!
I tried to get us into a taping of the
"Late Show."  You could only get a group of 10.
We had 13.  It would be my luck that I wouldn't get
to go, when others did!
Thank goodness Jane knew her way around the city!
(Before "Map Quest" and "Google Maps.")
She walked with me, Cathy, and Carolyn to see the outside of the theater,
the souvenir shop next door, and "Hello Deli."
We also went to eat at the Carneige Deli.
What a trooper!!!

Outside during the taping, a black stretch limo was
sitting outside of the side door, running, with the
air conditioning on.
Out comes Michael Douglas!
The bottom picture is Biff Henderson, stage manager.
He is on the show a lot.

Waiting in the hotel lobby to head to the
Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.
Me, Lynn & Carolyn Hutchings, Sonya Allen, Jane,
Vicky & Jay Haws.

Going to the Statue of Liberty

Waiting for ferry.  It was sooo windy!

Me, Marilee, and Jane riding the subway to catch the
ferry to Long Island.

On the ferry to Long Island.
In between us is the Statue of Liberty.

The reason we went to New York City was to see Wicked.
Here are all of the teachers.

May 25, 2018

These flowers were soooo funny!
The picture inside were of Jane's four grandchildren
using their electronic devices.
Grandma Jane just shrugs.

Flowers from the Alpine Elementary Retired Teachers

Funeral Program

The speakers represented Jane's 3 families:
Oakes & Boulter Family
School Family
Mission Family

It was a great reunion time at Jane's viewing and funeral.
We may have gotten a tiny bit loud.
But, we are family!!!
Those attending were:
Roger & Floris Olsen, Claudia Wasden Reid,
Paul & Jennifer Rasband, David Stephenson, Jack & Cheryl Brown,
Cathy & Brad Tibbitts, Ann Mitchell, Carolyn & Lynn Hutchings,
Dave Dimond, Cheryl & Rudy Dominguez, Lori Chadwick,
Vicky Haws, Adonna Iverson, Austin & Mary Ann Cowley,
Diane Walter, Diane Durrant, Linda Western, Jill Urish Henrie,
Analee Wiser Brown, Paula & Dan Ruesch, Bonna Hanson,
Ruth Anderson, Ann Searle, Makay Tautu, Telisa Tautu, Linda Dibb,
Loretta Stevens, Joy Alldredge, Jody Fassett Kyburz, Lorraine Lott,
Kathleen Rasmussen, and Maureen Wallace.

Some were unable to be there.  Heidi Park Norton and
Nancy Pope were on trips.  Don Beckstrand is on a mission.
Some have moved away.
And, unfortunately, a few have passed away.

I collected over $500 in donations.
This money bought flowers, and Paula Ruesch, librarian at Alpine,
is going to order a bookcase and books to place in the
library where Jane always used to sit.

This poem is the perfect way of how Jane
would be leaving us these words of wisdom:

We are all better people for having associated
with our beloved friend,
Jane Oakes Boulter.