Sunday, November 4, 2018


I received this message on my "Facebook Messenger." It is sooo sweet! Hannah was my "swimmer." She was sooo good! Now, she coaches the Lone Peak swim team, that took STATE last year! She is expecting her 3rd girl.
(I copied this, and can't figure out how to change it . . . unless I retype it!

Miss Mitchell, I just read your blog. I wanted to let you know how important you are to me and how much of an impact you left. I will always remember you, your classroom, and what I learned. Some incredible experiences I have are from you. You are at the very top of my favorite teacher list. I am sad to see you go because of the love you have for all of your students, but I am happy to know that you will be able to heal. You will never be forgotten; you have left a mark in the heart of us Alpiner's and have showed us what real love and caring is. You have inspired many to pursue teaching; one of which is me =] Thank you for all that you have done for me and for all your students.


Saturday, November 3, 2018


Three in a row.
Lone Peak High School
State Volleyball Champions!


We dealt with this in March
for Mountain Standard Time.

Mountain Standard Time 
Daylight Savings Time

Which is your favorite???

I love Daylight Savings Time!
I love, love, love having it be lighter in the evening!
But, I don't like losing the "hour of sleep".

Mountain Standard Time???
I love having that extra hour back!
I don't like it being dark so early at night!

Daylight Savings Time has been around a little over
100 years.
It was created to save energy, and make
better use of daylight hours.

Only 2 states, Arizona and Hawaii,
and the US Territories,
do not observe Daylight Savings Time.
All get plenty of sun, being closer to the equator.
Only the Navajo Nation in Arizona observe
Daylight Savings Time.

When I was growing up, the time changes were always
the same.  
The beginning of April & October.
(This was great with the LDS General Conference
at the same time.)

In January of 1974, President Nixon put into place
an Emergency Daylight Savings Time.
This lasted from January 6, 1974 - April 27, 1975.
I'll never forget sitting in my 1st period class (Spanish)
as a high school sophomore, looking out the window
at a full moon at "dawn" . . . 8:30 a.m.

Later, it was changed to the beginning of April and
the end of October.
I really like this!!!
My birthday is October 26.
My niece, Heidi, is October 25.
When we had a birthday on a Saturday, we moved
the clocks back before we went to bed.
Extra hour of birthday!
When the birthday was Sunday, that's when the
time really changes.
Extra hour of birthday!

Now, the time changes at the beginning of March,
and the Sunday after Halloween.
(To help the trick-or-treaters, I guess)

Ways to remember which direction the time goes:

And . . . that great song by Cher:

Mountain Standard Time 
is going quite well.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018



Tuesday, October 30, 2018


When I left our September lunch early to take mom to the
foot doctor, I said 2 things to those picking the October date:
If you want to go to Gardner Village for lunch
(and the "Witches") don't go on . . . 
1. October 15, Professional Development Day
2.  October 29, 2 days before Halloween
Of course, they didn't listen to me!
October 29 was the day!  
Don & Paige called me and said it was a 
90 minute wait!!!
I never got out of the car, because of how
crowded it was.  On a school day.
I think it was full of homeschoolers.

We decided to go to the
Midvale Mining Café.
I've been there once with Renae.  
It's her favorite!

Those attending were:
Cathy Tibbitts, Vicky Haws, Analee & Lane Brown,
Don & Paige Beckstrand, Diane Walter, and me.

Saturday, October 27, 2018


Another state championship for Lone Peak!
Marching Band in 3-A!

(Of course, AF took first in 5-A!)

Friday, October 26, 2018


This was my life!
And, it got worse with every year!

I did learn a HUGE help my first year of teaching!
My first big unit ever was "Colonial America."
I had the unit due the last day before 
Christmas Break.
I kept telling the kids,
"Just turn everything in together,
and I'll check it."
I spent my ENTIRE Christmas Break
grading the units . . . ALL DAY,

After that fiasco, I would check things as they
turned them in.
Besides saving my sanity, it helped
the kids.  
If a student had lost something, I would
have a score for them.

Besides units, there was daily work,
homework, weekly spelling and language
tests, etc.  Everything my kids did,
was recorded!!!
Even having weekly notes and
It was HARD!!!  
Kids and parents could always check
Skyward, and know where they stood!
I was extremely good at staying
on top of grading!
But, my last 4 years, I worked until
about 12:30 a.m., and was back
at it at 4:30 a.m.!

I remember how shocked I was when a
teammate only had one score in the
computer for each subject!
I was trying to get science grades
from him to put in my computer.
When I saw that, I asked him how
parents and students could see all 
their work!

Parents and students always
appreciated that I had scores in
quickly, and thoroughly!

Before computers, I had to add everything
up on the calculator, and figure
the grades that way.
When I had the high school aides,
one of their assignments was to
total up the scores on each point sheet page,
and put the total on the last column.
Then, I had to figure out the 
percentage and grade.

My last few years of teaching,
I did have my classroom aide check
the weekly spelling and language tests.
I also had "weekly notes" each
week.  EVERY SINGLE WEEK for 33 years!!!
The weekly note showed parents
if they had missing assignments, and
their tests were stapled to the back.
The last test stapled on was the
spelling test.  Then, the students
turned that paper over, and wrote
their new spelling words.

The parents LOVED IT!!!
They, and their kids always knew
where they stood, and it was
very much appreciated!

The reason I did all of this, was a
result of my very first
parent-teacher conference.
7:00 a.m. on Friday, November ___, 1980.
The boy had low grades.
The parents never knew when anything
was due, never saw any test scores, etc.
You mean, he couldn't tell or show
his parents like I did???
Well, not everyone did this!!!
So, I came up with the plan.
With the weekly note, parents had
to actually sign it!
And...that was 10 points on their
language grade!!!

Not only did the parents appreciate it,
but the kids did, too!
I always got lots of comments from
them on Facebook, or seeing them later.
The all said it was the best thing ever
to help them with their advanced schooling!

Long story short. . . this photo of
the plaque on the desk brought back
a TON of memories, and I do not miss
grading papers ONE LITTLE BIT!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2018


Cynthia Ruth Hansen Carson

1949 - 2018 Obituary Condolences
Cynthia Ruth Hansen Carson Obituary
Cynthia Ruth
Hansen Carson
1949 ~ 2018
Lehi, Utah-Cynthia Ruth Hansen Carson was born on October 18, 1949, in American Fork, Utah, to Wendall Pulley Hansen and LaVon Bennett Hansen. Cindy came into this world the third of 13 children, stubborn as could be throughout her life until her death on October 25, 2018. Her childhood nickname was Beanos - though no one is certain why - as her siblings lovingly called her Cindy Bindy Beanos. She was a majorette and a cheerleader in high school, and her favorite snack after coming home from practice was a thick slice of grandma's homemade whole wheat bread and a big slab of peanut butter and a little honey. It was her favorite treat ever!
She was married and divorced to Bryan Boley Carson four times. However, even at the time of her passing Bryan wasn't sure if they had officially filed their divorce papers. Among the few items she had kept as keepsakes were love letters to dad, cards from him, letters from her parents and her sisters. She loved with intensity and could definitely hold her own in any type of argument. She loved her little puppy, Goldie, and would send us all pictures of her sitting on her lap or a video of her barking. She was so proud of her own independence and instilled that independence in her children. She would constantly want to make sure 'us girls' were able to "provide for ourselves".
Mom loved to bake cookies, make holiday treats and would dance all over the kitchen to the sounds of Kenny Rogers - The Gambler and Lady were two of her favorites. She also loved Jane Fonda and could do the vertical splits better than Jane herself. She loved her spandex leotards and leg warmers and would do a Jane Fonda workout video every single morning. She thought her son Tyler was so funny and spent most of her life either laughing at him or chasing him around with a yard stick. Mom was a true force to be reckoned with, and I'm pretty sure God is wondering now why he took her so soon. We are going to miss her smile, her laugh, her bright green eyes, and mostly her strength that always helped pull us through hard times like this.
Mom is survived by her four children: Tiffany Hamilton, Tyler Carson, Tasha Curry, Tori Jo Kelly; her possible husband - Bryan Boley Carson; 10 siblings - Candy Hansen Taylor, Carla Von Hansen Jones, Colleen Hansen Kelley, Camille Hansen Fowler, Charee Hansen Broadbent, Brian Bennett Hansen, Cheer Hansen Brems, Regan Bennett Hansen, Troy Wendell Hansen and Travis Bennett Hansen; 11 grandchildren, and 1 great grandchild. She is proceeded in death by her parents - Wendall Pulley Hansen and LaVon Bennett Hansen, her brothers Randy Bennett Hansen and Bruce Bennett Hansen.
A graveside service will be held for Cynthia on Thursday, November 1 @ 10:00 a.m. at the American Fork City Cemetery. 

     I have known Cindy since I was in 4th grade.  Her husband, Bryan, worked for my dad.  They lived across the
street from the "Shop."  I also tended their two oldest kids,
Tiffany & Tyler.  

     Cindy was also a hair dresser, and did my mom's hair and 
mine.  She was the first person in the "Hansen Family" that I knew.  13 kids:  Candy, Randy, Cindy, Carla, Colleen, Camille, Charee, Brian, Cheer, Bruce, Regan, Troy, and Travis.  Brian is my age.
      I have taught a few of Cindy's nieces and nephews:
AJ, Ryan, Seth & Suzanne (aka, Suki...twin to Seth) Adamson (Carla), Weston Broadbent (Charee), Dakota Hansen (Brian).
     Cindy is also the grandmother of Witni Carson (McAllister) from Dancing With the Stars!  Her dad is Tyler.

A young Witni and Cindy

Witni Carson . . . star of "Dancing With The Stars"
Student and alumnus from American Fork High School

Dancing With the Dad

Fellow Utahans, Derek Hough & Witni Carson

With partner, Alfonso Ribeiro.
Doing "The Carlton" that he made famous on
"The Fresh Prince of Bel Air"


Witni married her high school sweetheart,
Carson McAllister.  He returned from his mission in
June of 2015.  They were engaged on her birthday in October.
Funny that his first name is her last name.

Witni married Carson on New Years Eve,
 December 31, 2015,
in the
Salt Lake LDS Temple.

Everywhere lists her wedding date as
January 1, 2016.
That was the day of the "ring ceremony" and reception.
(Located at "Noah"s, about 2 miles from my condo)
I knew it wasn't January 1, because:
1.  The temples are NOT opened on New Year's Day
2.  I saw her announcement from Aunt Cheer


On Thursday, October 25, I went with Renae
to the Salt Lake Temple.

She has a friend named Charee, who lives
in her ward.  She was a non-member, married
to a member.
I call her one on Renae's "Project People."
She worked on her for years to get her baptized!
Well, a year ago in June, she was baptized!
This past June, she was endowed, then her and her husband were sealed.
(Tom had been endowed)
Now, she and her husband spend an entire day,
once a week, at the temple!
They do all of the ordinances, including baptisms!

Charee wanted Renae to take her to the
Salt Lake Temple.
Renae has only been there to her wedding, other weddings,
and once or twice with me.
She wanted me to go with them.
Charee has some kind of handicap with hands and feet.

I hadn't been there for about 5 years,
because of my foot.
(Except for Paul and Courtney Mitchell's sealing)
It was great to be back.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Jacob Fish was a one of a kind student!
There are 3 brothers in the "Fish Family."
I taught Michael, Candace, and Jacob.
Each was a child from a different brother.
(Michael has a twin brother, Adam)
Jacob was only in Alpine for 1 year.
He was from South Carolina.
He moved back after 5th grade!
It was such a privilege to teach him!!!

He is currently the 
Stake President
of the Panama City, Florida Stake!!!
They were hit HARD by Hurricane Michael.

I love this picture of Jacob (left) with
President Dallin H. Oaks,
2nd counselor in the First Presidency of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
(President Oaks was also president of
Brigham Young University 
when I attended and graduated there . . . 1978-1980)


Click on the link to see the video of
"President Fish" in action!


Taylor Lundell was a fAbUlOuS student!
She was sooooo sweet, and soooo smart!
She worked in Washington D.C. as an
intern for Senator Mike Lee of Utah!
Senator Lee lives in Alpine, where 
the elementary school that I taught in is.

Taylor was married
Saturday, October 13.
I was unable to attend the reception
because of attending a BYU football game.
But, I sent a gift!

Coming out of the Salt Lake Temple


I love this photo!
This is Taylor with her older sister, Sloane.
I also taught Sloane in 5th grade!