Saturday, August 1, 2009


On Tuesday, August 4, Katie will be 11 years old!!! Katie has 3 sisters and 1 brother. Her older sister, Kilee, had Miss Mitchell as a teacher! Katie's dad grew up going to Alpine Elementary. Katie's mom was a Young Woman when Miss Mitchell served in the AF West Stake Young Women. Katie loves to play video games, watch tv, and play with Caitlin. After Clear Creek and the rubber duckies, Katie began quite a collection! Fun places Katie has visited are: Las Vegas, Ohio, and Topeka, Kansas! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATIE!!!

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Sterling & Alicia said...

How cute, I love your blog! It brings back many memories! No. We haven't been sealed yet, we are waiting until we move back to Utah in October so Sterling's family and our friends can be there. My grandparents, who are the only active members from my family will be getting home from their mission at the end of this month so they will be able to be there to support us also. I am so absolutely ecstatic, I cannot wait!