Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Trivia Crack is my new favorite internet game.
It is played all over the world!
In most cases, it's a random person I play against.
But, I play a lot against Kaisa Lee, a parent
of a former student.  Also, Cassie Bagley,
former ward member and friend.
And, I play in to keep my mind sharp!
(Trying to avoid Dimentia & Alazheimers)

This is the wheel that you spin.

These are the categories (left to right)
Geography, Science, Art, Entertainment, History, Sports
I always do the categories in the

exact same order.
Every time.
1.  History
2.  Geography
3. Sports
4.  Art
5.  Entertainment
6.  Science

Each week, you see your ranking,
if you are in the top 3 of your level.
Low and behold, look who is #1
of Level 145!!!

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