Sunday, September 20, 2009


This is me with my cousin, Kellie. Kellie lives in Jacksonville, Florida, and came out to attend the BYU - Florida State game.

After 17 years of sitting in Portal GG Section 123 Row 26 Seats 1 & foot and knee said it was time for a change. My new seats are Portal GG Section 122 Row 7 Seats 22 & 23

Max Hall is ready to score.

The players congratulate Harvey Unga on a touchdown!

Mitch Payne kicks the extra point.

My cousin said that the men always accompanying Coach Bobby Bowden were 3 Florida State Troopers! I think Bobby Bowden is bigger than the FSU program! (Michael Jordan would only have 1 bodyguard with him!


Annika said...

Great pics of the Cougs. Yes, the game yesterday was a disappointment! Hopefully next week they will be back on track with a win! Go Cougs. I will look for you at the game. We are on the second row on the 40 yard line on the west side.We would rather sit up a bit to see the entire field, but these were the tickets we were able to get. The chair seat is very nice though. Cute photo of you and your cuz!

emily said...

I didn't watch the game because I went to see my cousins baby, but my dad went there and it is a dissapointment(is he in the picture?)

Emily Barlow

Favorite grandstudent:)

Cori Henderson said...

Those are great pics! I was on the other side of the stadium opposite of you. Too bad they didn't win!