Saturday, April 23, 2016


Andrew Rice
First place in State!
He is currently a junior at Lone Peak.

Here's the story from his mom.

I pulled this "First Place at State" medal out of Andrew's coat pocket last night; 
only after asking him if he knew anything about when he might get it. 
He heard he'd won it, last Saturday for a monologue performance of Otto Frank from 
"Diary of Anne Frank." After a full day of competitive rounds at the state competition,
 he earned a shot in the medals round so stayed to perform again, and then, to honor 
commitments to friends he left before the actual awards ceremony. I was there to
 watch his final round. The depth, discipline and honesty he gave to the performance,
 was a moving and even spiritual experience. It killed me to leave early, I had a feeling 
about what I saw in the judge's and audience's faces. I knew I wasn't alone in what I'd felt. 
But as we left he comforted me by saying, "The performance was to honor that man, and
 offer a loving memory to his family. It's ok." Through a simple text we heard he won. He was 
handed the medal in class. He didn't even mention it to me, except for my asking. All of it, 
so simply unceremonious. Andrew gave the play, and the competition his heart and soul.
 Lost sleep, got sick, scrambled to meet assignments on top of a grueling schedule, even 
suffered some hurts by some who didn't understand his passion and love for the story he
 worked so hard to tell. And yet, he never lost sight of the true sacrifice the Frank family made
 for all of us to try to understand and learn, that hate can't win. Andrew put himself out
 there 100%!  Good things happen when we are willing to do the same; give our all, make
 sacrifices and follow our passion. With, or without a medal, Andrew, watching you through
 this all... "puts me to shame."

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