Thursday, April 28, 2016


Cassie Bagley is one of my favorite people!
I have known her since she was born!
I used to spend a lot of time with her family
a few years ago.

Cassie is graduating from
Dear Old AF High next month.
I decided to take her to a Jazz game for
a graduation present.

Cassie is always so kind to everyone.
She is especially soooo appreciative of everything!
She's been to a few BYU games with me, too.

We went to the last home game of the season
on April 11th vs. Dallas.
Win, and it's a chance at the playoffs.
Lose, and hello summer!

Well...we lost.
Cassie was so positive through the entire game!
She kept saying,
"We're going to come back and win!"
Too bad the Jazz didn't believe as much as Cassie!!!

She was also very helpful to me.
I was in the middle of my series of injections for my knee.
I could barely walk!
She helped me walk!

Bear on stilts, golfing!

Jazz Drum line (aka UVU drum line)

My sweet Cassie!

And speaking of graduation, I will have had a 10 year
break between Katie (youngest niece) and
Courtney (oldest great niece.)
And then . . . non stop graduations!!!

Courtney . . . 2019
Cole . . . 2022
Jaycie . . . 2023
Camry . . . 2024
Shayla . . . 2025
Preston & Haley . . . 2026
Carter & Addison. . . 2028
Lily & Oakley . . . 2029
Allyson & Brooklyn (twins) . . . 2032
Ryker . . . 2033
McKenzie & Jacob . . . 2034

(I'm sure Heidi & Mike will have more kids.
Katie & CJ???)


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