Friday, June 9, 2017


On Friday, June 9, Renae & Robert and their
grandkiddos, Ethan & Megan, went with me to the
Museum of Natural Curiosity.
It was a great day!

Feeding veggies to the bunnies.
When you pot the veggie through the hole,
it tells you the name of the veggie!

And . . . it's a slide!

What's playing???

 How fast does my heart beat?

How tall am I?

What a cool tree!

Seriously?  A laundry mat at the museum???

Ethan had a great time!

Let's do a puppet show!

In the library

Little tiny doors everywhere

Popping the bubbles

Lego room

X-ray room

On camera

The "micro" room

These represent blood cells.

Ethan is camouflaged


Water Room

Wind Tunnel

How natural gas moves


Wind Power

Earthquake Table

Flower Garden

"I hope next time I come, they will have
sharpened all these pencils!"

Stepping on the balls as they light up

What a fun day!
Can't wait to go back!!!

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