Thursday, April 23, 2009

DAY 3 APRIL 15 --- Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail was created 50 years ago. The sidewalks are all brick, with a red brick trail that you follow. Historic sites are all along the way. It was a bright, sunny, windy day. But, back home, there was tons of snow!!!

Old State House. Governor Thomas Hutchinson (British governor) stood on this balcony as he watched the "Sons of Liberty" head towards Boston Harbor to throw tea into the harbor---The Boston Tea Party.

The site of the Boston Massacre is in the middle of this intersection. (windy day---notice my hair)

First Public School in Boston founded by Ben Franklin.

Old South Meeting House. The signal to begin the Boston Tea Party was given here.

Massachusetts state capitol building. The original gold leafing was done and paid for by Paul Revere. During World War II, the dome was painted black, to avoid being seen by the Germans. In 1949, it was gold leafed again.

1. Place where the 5 victims of the Boston Massacre are buried.
2. Samuel Adams burial site.
The stones placed on top of the head stones shows respect.
3-4. Granary Cemetery. The tall monument in the center is where Benjamin Framklin's parents are buried.
5. Beautiful blossoms at church next to Granary Cemetery.

John Hancock and Paul Revere's Tombs.

Fanuil Hall

The USS Constitution, the oldest ship in the US Navy, is undergoing renovations. I was able to also go on it 2 years ago.

View of Boston across the Boston Harbor.

Bunker Hill Monument was built on top of Breed's Hill in memory of the great battle.

The Boston Garden (nothing to do with US History) where the Boston Celtics play basketball.

The Old North Church is where the lanterns were hung to warn the colonists of the British approach. The two big windows are where two lanterns were hung, meaning the British were coming by sea.

Inside the Old North Church. The object above the podium is the "sounding board." It helps the minister to project his voice.

Paul Revere's House.
Statue of Paul Revere outside the Old North Church

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