Tuesday, April 21, 2009

MISS MITCHELL'S SPRING BREAK Day 1 April 13 --- Boston

I was able to go to Boston for a week (free) through a grant from my district history class. We flew from Salt Lake City to Boston. This took almost the entire day. After checking in to our hotel, we hopped on the T (name of Boston subway) and went into Boston.

1. Replica of CHEERS bar---Where Everybody Knows Your Name
2. Union Oyster House---oldest restaurant in America the Kennedy family has a booth there
3. Quincey Market---THE place to shop in downtown Boston
4. Samuel Adams statue
5. Fanuil Hall---many great speeches were given here. Also, the 2008 presidential candidates gave speeches here, too.

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Emily S. said...

wow! That sounds like an amazing trip! Jam packed with cool and interesting sites. You must have been busy.