Sunday, November 1, 2009


We started the afternoon with the parade! All preschool - 4th grade paraded!

Miss Mitchell's great niece, Jaycie, was a beautiful princess ballerina! She is in the preschool down the hall.

Mrs. Walter as Cruella Devile.

A 2nd grader was packing her head! YiKeS!~!

Mr. Francis, our art teacher, was the "Grim Reaper!" He was on stilts! His junior high son followed him from behind to help steady him!

Our party started right after recess. Since this was an end-of-month activity, AND a Friday, all students had to have 25 stickers, 2 book reports, 5 reading skills cards, and no "back work" from the previous week! Some were qualified the first day of the month, others wanted to wait till thirty minutes before the party!
Top 5 qualifiers were:
1. Heather
2. Carissa
3. Thomas
4. Dakota
5. Eric

We had a race to wrap a mummy!

A relay race to fill a jar with cotton balls.

Bouncing the Halloween ping pong balls into the holes.

Halloween "Fact or Fiction" with Dakota's dad.

...and we decorated Halloween cookies and drank Orange pop!

Welcome to the party, Ozzy Osbourne!

Elizabeth is a punk girl, and Rachel is Walt Disney.

Avery is going to get you!

Mandy was Minnie Mouse, and Heather wishes she was Minnie!

Savannah was a Sky Blue crayon!

Thanks so much to our helper parents:
Dakota's mom & dad (Dakota's dad went to junior high and high school with Miss Mitchell)
Carissa's mom
Savannah's mom



Bret Bushman Family said...

WOW!!!talk about decked out costumes:)

Anonymous said...

That looks like SO much fun!! What a cute class and what fun ideas for games and treats!