Sunday, November 1, 2009


On October 30, we held a Wax Museum! Each student came dressed as an historical person in US history.

20th century "Freedom Fighters." Anahi as Rosa Parks and Zach as Martin Luther King, Jr.

Heather as Abigail Adams...wife of 2nd US president, John Adams, and mother of 6th US president, John Quincy Adams! Heather is with her older brother, Tyler, who was also a student of Miss Mitchell's.

John & Abigail Adams's home in Massachusetts was known as the "Big House" in the community.

Birthplace of John Quincy Adams, 6th US president, which is next to...

...the birthpace of his father, John Adams, 2nd US president. Both were born in Braintree (now Quincy), Massachusetts. (No, Miss Mitchell wasn't there when they were born!)

Two of the greatest men to ever live on the earth (Miss Mitchell's opinion)! Benjamin Franklin (Rainey) and George Washington (Thomas)

Imagine what our country would have been like if we had had FIVE Abraham Lincolns!!!
Andrew...Logan...Mr. Goff...Hayden...Matt

Davey Crockett . . . Eric, Josh, and Mitch

Amelia Earhart...not only was she the first woman to fly solo, rumor has it she may win an Academy Award this year!
Carissa, Savannah, and Kassie

Spencer as Orville Wright.

Rosa Parks (Anahi) and Walt Disney (Rachel)

Great Native America women!
Coral as Sacagewea and Elizabeth, Avery, and Mandy as Pocahontas. The only other great Native American woman who was at the Wax Museum, but not pictured, was Ms. Washburn!

Three great men...Dakota as Buffalo Bill...Justin as Albert Einstein...Zach as Martin Luther King, Jr.


Natalie Kay said...

Cute! Our wax museum is this Wednesday. I loved the pictures of the Adams house from our Boston Trip!

Ann Mitchell said...

We love having the Wax Museum on the day we celebrate Halloween!