Friday, January 15, 2016


The day before Thanksgiving is always
the day my family decorates the condo
for Christmas...because it's a day off from school.
This time, they decided to do it after
school on Tuesday.  "Dance Day" had been moved
to Tuesday that week, and they were going to decorate and
haul the girls to dance.
When we were getting ready to eat, Ashley said
she was getting a migraine.
All of a sudden, she couldn't talk.
Heidi (RN) told her she was having a stroke, and
needed to go to the ER.  Kim talked her into going.
Scott Van Wagoner was her doctor in the ER.
Ashley has an aneurysm.

In the meantime, my mom was in so much pain
in her stomach.  It started at the beginning of November.
She bent over to pick up something, and the
pain was excruciating!
Off we went to the ER.
Katie was home for Thanksgiving, so she came to the ER.
After an MRI, the doctor said there was
nothing wrong with her.
Are you kidding???
She had asked for her test results go to her doctor.
Dr. Joe knew what it was...a hiatal hernia.

So, Ashley and her grandma started the long
road of doctor appointments and second opinions...angiograms and scopes.

Last Friday, we were sent to the ER at Murray, because
mom's surgeon is there.
Four hours later, we were finally out of the waiting room!
Total ER time...1:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m.!

Monday, January 11, was the big day.
Mike gave Ashley a blessing Saturday night.
Laurel stayed Sunday night at Ashley's.  She
got the kids off to school, and took Addie and Ryker to Kim.
Ashley had her brain surgery that morning.
The surgery went well, but now starts the long
road to recovery.
Ashley was in ICU until Wednesday.
Jon's sister flew in from Denver for a couple of days.

With no home teachers or visiting teachers,
it's totally family.
And boy, does my family step up!
I'm no help, cuz of mom...oh, and the little
thing about torn Achilles and broken toe.
But, I told Ashley I'd be happy
to take her kids to Parent Teacher Conferences.
And, they can come to the condo.
Chris has come several times to check on mom.
Nurse Heidi has also come a lot...bearing dinner.
(So great to have 2 RN's in the family!)
Heidi's taking Ashley's 2 oldest after school today.
Preston has basketball tomorrow, and then,
McKay and Lori will take Preston through Monday.
(MLK school)

In the meantime, Camille is having
her little baby girl tomorrow, January 16.
Her and Mark had been in the ER a couple of
weeks ago.  Mark had chest pains.
It was a pulled muscle.

Katie is coming up the middle of next week
to stay with Ashley's family for a week, so Laurel can
stay with Camille and the new baby.
Laurel will then stay with Ashley for
a month or so,
No bending, lifting, etc.

So grateful for my family, and how they step up.
Heidi set up an account at the bank, cuz she has
a $6000 deductible!
I cashed in my change jar...$271.60!
Ashley was so down, cuz she needed to get Preston
a scout shirt, new clothes for Jon (now a supervisor, so
dress clothes), and $500 before they'd take her
at hospital.
They went to DI, and found a scout shirt in
Preston's size!  Scout shirts don't last there.
Laurel told her about the account.
She couldn't believe it!!!

It's hard with no help from the ward.
Her bishop knows...but they have a large ward.
I have told the RS Secretary in our ward
about mom, but no response.
My ward has sooo many new sisters moving in.
And the president teaches school.
Our home teachers know, but he's 92 and
his wife is late 80s.
I doubt the bishop knows.  
We've just had a couple of funerals.

So, we'll just carry on.
Mom has a heart stress test for Monday,
and meets with surgeon on 25th.
Waaaaay to long!

Here's a couple of pictures of Ashley.
(Who is still in the hospital)

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