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This is soooo true!  It was years 11-20 of teaching for me.  And, it was so true for my two oldest nieces, Camille (born 1982) and Ashley (born 1983).  Not so much for Heidi (1987) and definitely not Katie (1990).

Children of the 1990s are a special bunch. This decade, known for the “Rachel” haircut, grunge music, and the bubble, also featured some pretty fantastic and outrageous fashion trends. The styles for kids’ clothing and accessories were comfortable, casual, and extraordinarily bright. Check out this list of the 10 most embarrassing things every kid of the 1990s wore, and see if some of your favorite styles from back in the day made the cut.

1. Puffy Paint

Credit: Amazon

Puffy paint was our favorite go-to art project and fashion statement in one. We begged our parents to take us to the arts and crafts store to pick up a few tubes of Tulip glitter paint, then adorned pretty much every article of clothing we owned with handmade rainbows, flowers, and smiley faces.

2. Tee Shirt Clips

Credit: abunchoffun/eBay

The baggy T-shirt look wasn’t complete without a tee shirt clip. These entirely non-functional accessories came in fun neon colors, and some even had sparkly embellishments.  WORE THESE.

3. Jellies

Credit: Pinterest

We all endured a lot of physical pain to pull off the jellies look. These hard plastic shoes caused blisters galore. Was it worth it? Of course. Jellies were probably the most fashionable shoe in our closet.  WORE THESE  I had the jelly slip-ons

4. Stick-On Earrings

Credit: Amazon

While some of our peers were lucky enough to have pierced ears, some of us were stuck pretending to be cool with an extra-large sheet of stick-on earrings. Whether you were in the mood for purple diamonds or yellow circles, there was a good chance you found them on your earring sheet.  WORE THESE

5. Slap Bracelets

Credit: Amazon

Almost every child of the 90s remembers the welts that we got from slapping our bracelets on, yet we insisted on wearing them every single day. Until, of course, they were banned in schools. What a bummer!  WORE THESE

6. OshKosh B’Gosh

Credit: OshKosh B’Gosh/Amazon

Our closets were jam-packed full of stylish and built-to-last OshKosh denim. The overalls and jean jackets came in fun colors and floral prints. We even attempted to cover them in puffy paint a time or two, but Mom always nixed that idea.

7. Scrunchies

Credit: jerryfuly/eBay

Children of the 1990s knew that a ponytail was never complete without a scrunchie. Scrunchies came in every size and color imaginable, and many of us had a scrunchie to match every outfit we owned.  WORE THESE

8. Frilly Lace Socks

Credit: gothfashions/eBay

White socks with lace perfectly accompanied a good pair of black-and-white saddle shoes. This combination was worn at every birthday party and special event of our childhood.

9. Vibrant Sweaters

Credit: and392/eBay

We could always be found in a large crowd when we wore our bright sweaters. Though they usually had large pink hearts or purple stars, sometimes we went rogue and wore our ‘subtle’ black one that featured our favorite animal.  WORE THESE

10. Goody Barrettes

Credit: OddLittleHippo/Etsy

When our scrunchies couldn’t contain all those flyaway hairs, our parents attempted to tame them with Goody barrettes, which came in all sorts of styles and colors. Oh, the options!  WORE THESE, BUT MINE WERE PLAIN SILVER & GOLD.  BUT, THEY WERE GOODY


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