Thursday, March 31, 2016


As a Stake Relief Society Presidency, we have to do one big event
a year for the entire stake.  Two years ago, they had a dance program.
Last year, it was a fireside with a descendant of Joseph Smith.
This year, we decided to have a birthday party, to celebrate the
founding of Relief Society.
Phil Chadwick helped me design this poster, and handout that
all of the sisters would receive.

Cake from Costco

Pam, Janice, and Marty made bark.

These sisters represented each of the 
General Relief Society Presidents.
I loved how they sat around this quilt!

Marty introduced the program.

Pam gives her testimony of Relief Society.

Betty Lu Merkley, 1st Counselor of the 1st Ward,
was in charge of the program.

A beautiful trio sang about Emma Smith.

Each sister representing each president, stood
in front of a picture of the sister they represented.
Then, a sister in the audience asked questions about
each president's time of service.

Emma Smith . . . 1842-1844

Eliza R. Snow . . . 1868-1887
(from 1844-1868, the Pioneers moved west and settled)

Zina D. H. Young . . . 1888-1901

Bathsheba Bigler Smith . . . 1901-1910
(My 5th great aunt)

Emmeline B. Wells . . . 1910-1921

Clarissa S. Williams . . . 1921-1928

Louisa Y. Robison . . . 1928-1939

Amy B. Lyman . . . 1940-1945

Belle S. Spafford . . . 1945-1974

Barbara B. Smith . . . 1974-1984

Barbara W. Winder . . . 1984-1990

Elaine L. Jack . . . 1990-1997

Mary Ellen W. Smoot . . . 1997-2002

Bonnie D. Parkin . . . 2002-2007

Julie B. Beck . . . 2007-2012
(From Alpine.  Her children went to Alpine Elementary)

Linda K. Burton . . . 2012-

The sisters held up a special quilt.
One of the brothers in our stake, his grandmother made
this quilt and sold it so her son could go on his mission.

Relief Society General Presidents


Mingling after

Marty and Janice did decorations and refreshments.
Marty rounded up battery candles and candlesticks.

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