Saturday, October 29, 2016


I saw a pictorial gallery of the
British Royal Family in the last 100 years.
King George V and Queen Mary were
the head of the Monarchy in 1916.
I've really enjoyed following the family.

I decided to put pictures of years that
were significant to my family, school, and teaching career.

The year my dad was born.
King George V and Queen Mary
(Queen Elizabeth's grandparents)

The year my mom was born.
King George V's Silver Jubilee
Little Princess Elizabeth (oldest) and Princess Margaret 

The year my dad graduated from high school.
King George VI and Queen Elizabeth with
Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret.
The king's brother had earlier abdicated the throne
to marry his true love, an American divorcee.
As the head of the Church of England, the monarch
was not allowed to marry a divorced person.

The year my mom graduated from high school.
King George VI passed away.
Princess Elizabeth became 
Queen Elizabeth II
at the age of 26.

The year my parents were married.
The Queen Mother (was called that to not
confuse the 2 Elizabeth's) and Queen Elizabeth
watch a horse event.

The year my brother was born.
Well, looky there!  
Queen Elizabeth can drive!
Driving Prince Charles and Princess Ann.

The year I was born.
Waiting for Ascot races.

The year I started Kindergarten
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip  
at the opening of the
New Zealand Parliament.

My 5th grade year.
Prince Charles and the Queen Mother lead a
procession of the
Knights of the Garter.

The year I started junior high.
Princess Margaret and her two children.

The year I started high school.
Princess Anne marries Captain Mark Phillips.
I watched this wedding on the 
middle of the night.  
(Because it's live tv.  British time, not US time)

US Bicentennial
The year I graduated from high school
and started at Dixie Jr. College.
Queen Elizabeth opens the
Montreal Oympics.

The year I graduated from 
Dixie Jr. College and started at
Brigham Young University.
Prince Michael of Kent
(Queen Elizabeth's cousin) marries.

The year I graduated from college, and
my 1st year of teaching.
Prince Charles begins dating Lady Diana Spencer.
(I watched their wedding the next year, in the
middle of the night, in Las Vegas)

5th year of teaching.
Royal Family at the Trooping of the Color"

10th year of teaching.
Prince Andrew and Duchess Sarah (Fergie)
have their 2nd daughter.
(I also watched their wedding in the middle
of the night.)

15th year of teaching.
Charles and Di
Andrew and Fergie's children
on vacation.
Two years later, Diana was killed, and I
watched the funeral in the middle of the night.

20th year of teaching.
New Millenium.
The Queen Mother turns 100!
She passes away when she's 104.

25th year of teaching...silver anniversary.
Charles marries his mistress, Camilla Parker-Bowles.
Many say she broke up Charles and Di.

30th year of teaching.
Prince William is engaged to commoner,
Kate Middleton.
(I watched their wedding the next year
in the middle of the night)

33rd year of teaching.
The year I retired.
William and Kate's first child,
Prince George.

The Royal Family today.
William and Kate added a daughter,
Princess Charlotte.
Queen Elizabeth is 90.
She's been queen since she was 25!
Poor Charles!
He's been waiting to be king his entire life!!!

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