Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Big Papi.
David Ortiz.
My favorite baseball player.

I've loved and followed the Boston Red Sox ever since 
my Dixie friend (and Karen's bf), Bruce Hurst, played
for them. He even pitched two games in the 
World Series in 1987!!!
He was drafted right out of high school in 1976.

Anyway, Papi retired.
Such a great player and individual.

I had the great opportunity of attending a Red Sox
game at Fenway Park with some on my ASD history classmates.

Erica, Natalie, Ryan, and I were sitting in right field...$70!
The other 4 friends were behind home plate.
About the 4th inning, one of our friends text and said
that a husband, wife, and 2 boys sitting by them were
going home.  One of the boys was sick.
They had learned that the 4 people by them were from Utah,
and were experiencing a "once in a lifetime" experience.
They told them to get their friends down to sit in their seats!

I also like the Chicago Cubs,
Los Angeles Dodgers (went to a game in 1989),
and the Anaheim Angels (went to a game in 1989).

Thank you, Papi!

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