Thursday, March 9, 2017



"Battle of the Books"
started in my school my last year of teaching.
Students had to read 20 books.
They were put in "teams" and "battled"
other teams.
Then, the final 2 teams competed in front of the their
grades (5th vs 6th in front of only 5th and 6th)
The "battles" were asking questions about the books.
I had a team from my class that won the
5th grade, and took 2nd place to the 6th grade.
In my first year of retirement, that same
team won in 6th grade!

My great nieces and nephews have been
participating at Sage Hills.
Carter was on the winning 1st grade team.
They competed against the winning 2nd grade team.
He was the team captain, the team member
that answered for the team.
His team lost by one question.

The medal is for reading all 20 books
for the competition.
The trophy is for winning 2nd place.


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