Sunday, March 12, 2017


BreAnn Wayman was on my
5th grade team for 2 years.
She is so positive, kind, and thoughtful!
I really enjoyed working with her!
After 2 years in 5th grade, she taught
1 year in 1st, and then 2 years of the
English part of Chinese Immersion
in 1st grade.
She is in her 3rd year of teaching
4th grade at Blackridge Elementary, which
is on the main road to Cedar Fort and
Eagle Mountain.
Cami is her principal.
We also went to dinner and movies
every now and then.

BreAnn is getting married on March 30.
We went to a shower for her on
Saturday, March 11.
Condita and Kiliya picked me
up in their new vehicle!!!

Me, Condita, Kiliya, AnnaLea, and BreAnn.

This is Lori Banks Richardson Huey.
She is BreAnn's aunt.
Her and BreAnn's mom are sisters!
She taught her first several years
on my mom's 1st grade team!!!

She started the year before me.
She also got married, then her husband died,
then she was remarried.

Her and her soon to be hubby will
be attending a Jazz game next
fall as their wedding present!

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