Friday, March 10, 2017


The Stake Relief Society 
needs to have at least one
activity per year for the
sisters in the stake.

On Sunday, February 26, the 
Stake Relief Society presented
"The Ten Virgins."

It was done as a musical
about the parable in the Bible.
(We were able to pay for
it through Deseret Book)

Each sister was PERFECT for her part!

This is the invitation and poster
I had made up.
Phil Chadwick took the words,
and attached this picture to it...and
sent it to the printer.
The poster hung in every Relief Society and
Young Women's room.

It was also sent out as an invitation
to every Relief Society President
three times . . . every other week.
They could forward it to all of
their sisters.
It was also in every ward bulletin
and announced in Relief Society
every week for 6 weeks.

Here is the program I made.
Beware . . . there are a TON
of pictures!
I put them all on here in case
any of the sisters involved
would like a copy.

Mariah Plitt . . . Director & Narrator

Colleen Hansen . . . Set Design
Marty Hardy . . . 2nd Counselor, coordinator
Peggy Nelson . . . Stage Manager

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