Friday, April 7, 2017


This is my 1,776 post on my blog!

To match the number of posts,
it is most appropriate to do a post on this:

Our 2nd group of Utah high school juniors are
now at their workshop at Valley Forge!
When I helped to interview them, I was blown away
by how amazing these kids were!
Last year, the majority of the students who
attended the workshop are now either
studentbody officers or class officers this year
at their high schools!
They also all helped with their freedom assemblies.

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson are
in this picture with them.
(John Adams, 2 to the right of "Y hoodie"
Thomas Jefferson, 2 to the left of "Y hoddie")
They do a FABULOUS debate!


I started my blog in 2008 as a class blog.
After I retired in 2013, it became my personal blog.
I do a lot of posts on former students!
It has been my way of writing in a journal!
Everything is better with photos!!!

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