Wednesday, April 19, 2017


I have been a member of my
LDS Stake Relief Society Presidency
since July 2013.
(I was called 2 months after I retired.)

The Relief Society is the women's
organization of the LDS Church.

I did a variety of assignments:
Attended 13 ward/branch conferences each year
Met after conferences to discuss successes, concerns, and goals
Follow up visits to see how goals were coming
Compile all of the ward's "ward conference" info, email to
the Stake President and Stake Relief Society President
Presidency Meetings
Take notes . . . lots of notes
Yearly meeting with Stake Presidency
Speak 2-3 times a year in different ward sacrament meetings
(fun times at the Spanish ward)
Played the piano for a month at the assisted living center
for their Relief Society
Schedules . . . lots of schedules
Multi Stake Single Adult emailing
Attend "birthday parties"
One stake activity a year (Dance program, fireside, RS Birthday party,
"Ten Virgins" production)
Posters for wards for the yearly activity
Print copies
Orient new presidencies
Take notes 
(I already said this . . . but, I filled TWO notebooks with notes)
Type up minutes
Fill out agendas
List of assignments for . . . everything imaginable
Monthly email to Stake RS President of what we did that month
Fed all of the missionaries at their leadership training
Attended regional meetings
Phone calls
Attend General Women's Meeting twice a year
Answer questions . . . lots of questions
Constantly change the list of presidencies in the stake . . . their
personal info and email
Create group emails
Change group emails
Email . . . lots of email
Pray for inspiration and guidance
Pray for the sisters in my stake
And, anything else I forgot
(this looks like a lot, but once I figured
it all out, got organized, and stayed
on top of type minutes
right after presidency meeting, it was pretty easy)

The other member of the presidency were fabulous!
Pam Blackhurst, President
I worked with her at the temple.
Janice Davenport, 1st Counselor
I also worked with her at the temple.
Brigitte Morales, 2nd counselor for about 2 years.
I didn't know her before.  She was in the Spanish Branch.
Marty Hardy, 2nd counselor for about 2 years.
She's in my ward and we were once visiting teaching companions.

I was very excited when I learned recently that
one of my former students is the Relief Society President
of the 5th ward!

Tonight, we met with the Stake Presidency
and were given an honorable release.

I have LOVED this calling!
Besides visiting teaching, the only callings I had
in Relief Society were:
pianist and literacy specialist (In a ward that had no problems
with literacy. So, I created a monthly newsletter)
So, everything was pretty new to me!

The BEST part, has been getting to know and interact
with the sisters in the stake!

This is how I have appeared in the
LDS Tools for the past 4 years:

We will be released this Sunday to the stake in each
ward and branch . . . all 13!  The high councilman in each
ward will release us, and then we will know who the
new presidency will be.
My last 2 assignments are:
Email the stake president the successes, concerns,
and goals for the 9 out of13 wards we have met with.
Orient the new stake Relief Society secretary.

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