Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Lindsey Webb is a fabulous former kiddo of mine!
Soooo smart!
I taught her brother, Jared.
I also taught 3 of her uncles!

I know all 4 of her grandparents!
I know Grandma and Grandpa Webb, cuz I
taught their sons...Greg, Scott, and Doug.

I know her Grandma and Grandpa Garrick,
cuz they were in my ward growing up!
I used to babysit her mom and her siblings!

Lindsey teaches at the
University of Massachusetts, Amherst!

Definitely a

(I also have a student teaching at BYU, and one teaching at Penn State!)

jubilat with Lindsey Webb.

#Meetjubilat This is Lindsey Webb! She's one of the curators of our jubilat/Jones reading series (in conjunction with the Jones Library here in Amherst!) Lindsey helped bring some amazing poets to our series this year, including Rosmarie Waldrop, Rachel B. Glaser, and the #pulitzer prize winning Tyehimba Jess! We were delighted to ask her why #jubilat matters to her:
To me, jubilat is a community force—an occasion for poets and all kinds of writers to come together and put their work in conversation with each other. Of course from my perspective as the reading series co-host I see this happen in a very real way, but jubilat feels so important because this community building happens both on and off its pages.
What's one of your favorite poems from a past issue?
I keep thinking about Diane Di Prima's poem "Rant" from the Emergency Issue, selected by Peter Gizzi. That poem feels so immediate—not just because of its relevancy, but because reading it feels like she's speaking to me from the other side of the page. The voice is so present. "history is a living weapon in yr hand"
If you could meet any poet, dead or alive, who would it be?
Halie already said Sappho, so I'll say Etel Adnan!

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