Friday, May 26, 2017


Lori Willis began her teaching career at 
Alpine Elementary as a 2nd grade intern.
She then married Phil Chadwick, and taught 3rd
grade at Snow Springs Elementary.
(Phil made my Relief Society & ADK cards!)
Then, Lori came back to Alpine Elementary
and taught 3rd grade.
She is currently the librarian at
"Dear Ol' AF High!"

Lori's twins are Hannah and Hayley. 
I remember when they would sit in their mom's
classroom and worked on school work.
They are soooo sweet, just like their mother!
I also remember when I had my foot surgery
in 2007, they came with their mom to bring dinner!
I am the recipient of several Disney ornaments for
my tree from these girls, and they would come
and see my trees.

I got to really know them my last year of teaching.
When I was diagnosed with Charcot Foot, I needed
to find a way to get to school.
I chose Lori, cuz I knew that Lori went to school early!
Hannah and Hayley were in 9th grade at Timberline.
We had a great time carpooling, and I became
a member of the
Chadwick Family Carpool!
We even had breakfast on the way a few times!

Both girls clog, and are fabulous!
Hannah even went with
Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge
last year!

The girls graduated from Lone Peak
on May 25.
They each got to attend a Jazz game this
season with a parent as a graduation gift.
They are going to attend BYU Idaho in the fall,
and will do well.
And then, Lori and Phil will be empty nesters!


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Lori C. said...

Oh Auntie Ann! You truly are the BEST! You will always be a member of the Chadwick Family Carpool! We love you!❤❤❤