Friday, May 12, 2017


Alpine District Foundation.
We learned years ago to donate to our own classes.
I donated $3 a month for years.
Then, I got smart!
$200 a month for my class!
This paid for one of my tuitions for
FFVF trip!
Then, I cut back to $100.
Loved shopping to get items for my class,
especially at the end of year!

End of year?
This caused problems.
When I retired, my secretary, Lisa,
said she would pay my bills, then distribute the
money to where I wanted it.
(Even though no one donated to me, except me,
I couldn't have the money)

Well, the Foundation said I had to have it moved
by May 30, or the Foundation put it in their general fund.
Lisa explained it to them.
I lose.
Told Cami, and I was ready to go to AEA.
Finally, they caved!
I had a lot in account!

I donated to:
Teachers of:

Jody Kyburz
Lori Chadwick
Nancy Pope

Carissa Allen
Lisa Hoover
Cami Larsen
Ranae Black
Paul Finlayson
Karen Peterson
Maureen Wallace
BreAnn Wayman
Matt Goff
Condita Washburn
Diane Walter
Annalea Warwood
Analee Wiser
(I didn't donate to Don, cuz he had tons in his account)

Since I retired, I have made donations to all
the kids' teachers.
I donate $50 to each teacher, 
(including preschoolers at a district preschool)
through the district's Foundation.
Tax write-off . . . yes, please!

I also pay for all preschool tuition.
Starting next year, I will buy the
junior high and high school yearbooks.
(Too many teachers)

Last fall, I donated to:
Sage Hills
Saratoga Springs
Camry's teachers (2...job share) . . . $50 ($25 each)
Addie's Reading Recovery teacher . . . $25

This spring:
Sage Hills
Saratoga Springs
Jaycie . . . $50
Preston . . . $50
Carter . . . $50
Addie . . . $50

Goshen . . . kids live in Genola
Haley . . . $50
Lily . . . $50

Cedar Hills
Oakley . . . $50

Salt Lake City
Shayla . . . $50


I like to take a printed copy of the donation
to the teacher. . . to meet them, and show my support.
I write a little thank you note on the donation printout, 
and tell them it's from me and the child.

Most were extremely gracious and excited!
My favorite was Addie's Reading Recovery teacher,
Mrs. Pizzai.
One teacher was very aloof. 
Ignored me that I was even there.

I have the child come over when I talk
to the teacher.
Some tried to ignore that I was there
until I motioned them over.

When Carter saw me, he yelled, "Aunt Ann!"
Haley had been testing.  They were taking a
break outside.  When she saw me,
she excitedly ran over!
But, the best one was Shay.
Her class was at recess before lunch.
The secretary took me down when they
came in for lunch.
She, with a few friends trailing behind,
ran over and hugged me.

Since all the kids were testing
(Since beginning of April),
found these little memes.


Had to share this first:
Once in a while, I get a thank you note from a teacher.
But, I never get one from an entire class!
This is from Preston's class!
Love his signature on top!

 Well, well, well!
A certain little girl named Emy Osmond
signed her name inside the "O"
Does that last name ring a bell???
Her dad is Jeremy Osmond.
Her grandpa is Donny Osmond!
Yes, that Donny Osmond, who was on the walls of my bedroom!
TV personality, recording artist, game show host, nightclub singer,
broadway star, talk show host, headliner at "Stadium of Fire" . . . where our 5th graders sang back up to him when he sang a song from "Joseph", 
and of course, 
Mirror Ball Winner on Dancing With the Stars!
Emy is the only granddaughter of Donny.

Emy has a brother in 5th grade with Camry.

One day, I got this text from Kim:

and these photos:

And, this is what Donny posted on his Instagram:
(screenshot of video)

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