Saturday, July 29, 2017


Annie Stephenson 
attended Alpine Elementary.
Her dad is David Stephenson, who was my principal
at Alpine for 8 years!
He deserves a medal for being the principal
who had to deal with me the longest!

After Alpine Elementary, Annie attended
Mountain Ridge Jr. High, and then
Dear Ol' AF High!
She just finished her first year at
Utah State University.

Our favorite principal!

This is a really cute idea!

Paul, Cortney
Carolyn, Cathy, Me

Annie tried really hard to throw the boquet over everyone
to me in the back.  It didn't work, and was stuck in the netting.
Thank goodness her dad got it out.
Unfortunately, it dropped to some your single kid.

Father-Daughter Dance

Bonus points for twirling.

Bride & Groom Dance

 And then, some guests sang a song,
and after threw dollar bills at her.
I'm pretty sure it was a gang of Nephites!

Check out money on floor by chair.

Great crepes!

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