Friday, July 28, 2017


My mom grew up with two brother and two sisters.
She is the oldest in her family.
They grew up in Nephi, Utah.

The reason for the title of this post, "The 3 Nephites",
comes from the Book of Mormon.
They were 3 disciples of Jesus Christ in the "New World."
(We also believe that after His death, Christ appeared
to the people on the American continent).
They were blessed by Jesus to "never taste of death; but
ye shall live to behold all the doings of the Father unto
the children of men, even until all things shall be fulfilled."
Therefore, they are still on the earth today.

Dixie Alice Howard was born March 12, 1935, age 82.
She was named after the "Dixie" area in southern Utah,
because my grandparents lived in Washington, Utah for a little while.
Her middle name, Alice, was her mother's youngest sister.
She attended and graduated from Utah State University.
My mom was a school teacher for 38 years.

Aunt Pat
Patsy Alyth Howard was born May 28, 1936, age 81.
I don't know where Patsy came from, but Alyth is her
mother's first name.
Aunt Pat was an RN for many years!  
She attended and graduated in nursing from
St. Marks/Westminister.  She also owned
a boutique and a scrapbook store.
She married Elmer Engstrom in the mid-60's.
He passed away in 1975.
Aunt Pat lived in Salt Lake City when I grew up until
the mid-80's.  She then moved to Centerville.
After marrying Darwin, her second husband, they moved to Bountiful.
Aunt Pat & Darwin went on a mission to the
"Desert Land and Livestock" in Woodruff, Utah.
They loved Woodruff so much, they moved up there.
About 3 years ago, they moved to Yuma, Arizona.

Uncle George
George Mat Howard was born June 20, 1938.
George was named after his grandpa's brother.
His middle name was his father and grandfather's first name.
He attended Snow College and graduated from the
San Francisco school of Mortuary Science.
Uncle George was a mortician for many years.
He also was involved in scouting.
He passed away 7 years ago (the last time the 3 Nephites were together).
His funeral was 2 days before Carter was born.

Uncle Bruce
Bruce Bigler Howard was born May 23, 1944 age 73.
I don't know where his first name came from, but
Bigler is his mother's maiden name.
Uncle Bruce graduated from Dixie Jr. College, and lived with us
when I was in "nursery school" and kindergarten.
He also graduated from Weber State and a 
physical therapy school in Galvaston, Texas.
He is still working as a physical therapist.
He worked in Racine, Wisconsin and currently in Ocala, Florida.

Aunt Jean
Ruby Jean Howard was born October 16, 1945.
She was born premature and had to share time
in an oxygen tent with another premie.
She was mentally retarded.
Her first name is after her mother's younger sister.
My grandma cared for her until 1975.  She then
resided in the "Training School" (aka Developmental Center)
in American Fork, across from the
Mt. Timpanogos Temple.
She passed away in 1993.

Aunt Pat & Uncle Darwin and Uncle Bruce & Aunt Nadene
are here for Katie's wedding tomorrow . . . July 29.
Uncle Bruce & Aunt Nadene got to know Katie & CJ when
he played last season for the Orlando Magic.
Besides the wedding, they all wanted to come
because the last time they had been together was
for their brother, George's, funeral.

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