Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Since this is the start of my 4th year
of retirement . . . why not take a road trip
on the 1st day of school, too???

A college friend, Kathleen Salazar,
was receiving her endowments on
Tuesday, August 23, in the St. George Temple.
We had to be there at 3:30 p.m.
I could drive down there before, but did
not want to drive back at night.
Soooo dark! 
 (Not like driving on I-15 from a Jazz game
where it's just like driving in daylight!)
I could drive down that day and stay over
one night, but wouldn't get checked in on time.
So, I left after the lunch on Monday afternoon
and came home Wednesday afternoon.
I was really surprised when my mom said
she'd come with me!
She did great on the drive down and back,
and also at the temple!
(She hadn't been since last October, 
when we had 2 weddings in less than a week.
CaLea & Taylor in Payson and 
Kimmy & Bud in St. George)

I really wanted to go to also to see Sara,
her youngest child, Greg, and Karen.
I got very few pics on this trip.

My mom and I did:
Dinner at Black Bear Diner

Lunch with Sara and her son Greg at Brick Oven

St. George Temple
(Greg's first time at another temple
besides Las Vegas)

Dinner at Outback with Kathleen's friends
Karen, Mom, Me

Sara, Karen, Me

Mom and I drove around, and up to the
"Sugar Loaf" for a view.
Brigham Young once said the temple would
be in the center of town.
When I lived there...both from birth
to age 6, then ages 17-19, the temple
was on the second to last southern street.
Dixie High was the most south.
Well, looky here:

Looking towards my first house,
which is now gone.
And can I just say . . . 
I HATE that they let homes be built on the "D!"

I couldn't get a picture of the Sugar Loaf,
because of soooo much traffic.
Had to steal this from Google.
So, here it is:
A mountain is named after my mom!
Or, my mom is named after a mountain!

The college and high school would each
hike up and write their name and year.
So, the college took over taking care
of the "D" and the high school of "Dixie."

We also drove up to the old airport,
but my pictures were bad.
Once again, too much traffic!!!

On the way out of town, we went to the
Dress Barn Outlet.
Mom needed new clothes, since she
lost so much weight from her surgery!

Thanks, Kathleen, for inviting me to
your special day!

And there you have it!
Best 1st day of school ever!!!

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