Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Soooo happy for my sweet Mikaela Ator!  I taught 6 of the 7
Ator children.  (Retired before #7 reached 5th grade.)
Mikaela was in my class when her father was killed in a plane crash.
He was a doctor and a bishop.  I had seen him and Karlene the
week before he the Salt Lake Temple.
They looked soooo happy!

When Karlene remarried (for the 2nd time), the family,
except for the two oldest, moved to Arizona.
(She has since divorced him.)

Mikaela attended Arizona State University.
She was on the institute council, and that's where she
met her husband!
They were married in the Mesa Arizona Temple
on August 27th.

I only post about student weddings that I get an
invitation to...but, Mikaela was not having a reception in Utah.
(Sister Cebrina got married in June, and I saw the family there.)

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