Wednesday, September 14, 2016


My first class!
I don't think I've ever told the story of how I got my teaching job.

I was still attending BYU.  
I interviewed with Gareth Seastrand of the Alpine School District.
His sister was Selma Miller,  my 1st grade teacher.
I never heard back.
I called constantly!

In the meantime, I graduated August 15, 1980, with
my Bachelor's Degree from Brigham Young University.
Still no teaching job.
Finally, my mom took me to her school district . . . Jordan.
They had me substitute in a split 1st-2nd grade.  YIKES!
It was South Jordan Elementary, and it was located south
of the Jordan River Temple that was under construction.
I HATED the school!!!  Only the secretary and one second grade
teacher would even speak to me!!!  
(Dan Checketts was there...came to Alpine 2 years later for 1 year)

I was told if there were enough kids to keep the class,
I would keep the job.
I really didn't want it.  I loved the kids and parents,
but not the faculty.  It was not friendly like my mom's school.
I was not happy!
I got my room ready, and did the Back to School Open House.
I taught Monday & Tuesday.  On Wednesday, they said
there were not enough kids to keep the class.
The kids were sent to watch a movie.
I was told to pack up the room, and be gone.
The kids went to their new classroom, and I did not
even get to say goodbye.
I drove to Mom's school and helped her.

My plan was to substitute in the Alpine District.
"Get my foot in the door."
That afternoon, I got a call from the Alpine School District.
The secretary told me she saw my name on a list for a contract!
She told me to stay off the phone the next day.

Alpine Elementary had a 5th-6th split.
John Pool taught it.
The parents hated it!!!
John went to 6th grade.
They made a new 5th grade, and I got 3 of Roger Olsen's
and 3 of Calvan Vance's kids.
Wayne McDaniel and Jack Brown each sent 3 kids to John's class.

The new 5th grade class was taught by the principal, Brian Page
for 3 days.  The room was built by the men teachers after
school.  It was all plywood.

I went up to the school on Friday.
I immediately felt at home!!!
I went to the faculty room at lunch, Ann Searle (later my temple escort),
invited me to join their carpool.
Everyone was sooooo kind!
They had the Alpine Spirit!!!
I met the kids, and spent the weekend
preparing the room.
Mom, Laurel, and Diane Stewart helped me on Monday, Labor Day.
I started teaching 5th grade on September 2, 1980.
I never changed grades or schools.
I was in a plywood room my first two years.
Then I was in the same room for 31 years.

I loved Alpine Elementary sooooo much, I never left . . . until
May 30, 2013 . . . retirement!!!

And the rest was history!!!

The outfit I'm wearing in this class picture is what I wore on my 
first day of teaching.
I decided then to always wear a dress in my class pictures.
I also wore a dress every first day of school . . . except years #2 and #3.

You never forget your first class!

A fun side note.
Every boy on the front row has grass stains on his pants!

Row 1:  Brian Page, principal   Alan Peck   Dori Ann Larkin   Heather Villarreal
Andy Sparks   Greg Webb   Patti Christiansen   Danny Broadbent   Miss Mitchell

Row 2:  Chip Mattfeldt   Marcie Quintana   Marin Compton   Justin Williams
Lisa Erickson   Bob Burnham   Lisa Summens

Row 3:  Stefanie Leseberg   Shawn Parker   Matt Wimmer   Raychel Vickers
David Lawrence (David is Raychel's nephew)   Lynda Johnson   Ryan Barnes

Row 4:  Leanne Murdock (daughter of my doctor)   Mary Southey   
Lorilee Jones   Bruce Schurtz   Jennifer Cottrell   Trent Powell   
Kim Kofford   Paulla Bateman

And just remember . . . 

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