Sunday, December 4, 2016


Cole went to the BYU vs UMASS game
on Saturday, November 19.
UMASS = University of Massachusetts.
(Cole slept over the night before,
and got ALL of the Christmas decorations out!)

Unlike the last 3 Novembers, the weather was
Especially for November 19!

I have to arrive at the games 3 hours early
(1 1/2 before gates open) or I cannot get
a handicap stall.  We do a ton of people watching,
which is very entertaining!

This limo put the STRETCH in stretch limo!
(The stands on left is where I sit, 2 sections over)

Getting a face tattoo at tailgate party.  
We were so early, they weren't quite set up with everything!

Sailing on the boat Moana sails on in the new
Disney movie.

Cole has lost 40 pounds since school started!
He looks sooooo good!!!

Fall & Football

Elvis leads the band

Camera action for big screens!

First time playing UMASS.
We will play them at BYU next year, then the next 2 years
will be in the
New England Patriots stadium!



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