Wednesday, December 28, 2016


I wanted to do something cool to celebrate
Preston's "Student of the Month."
(Also, to want to do well in school)

So, it was Dance Day.  Ashley brought
Preston over to the condo, telling him I
needed their help.
I told him how proud I was that he was
"Student of the Month" and we should celebrate.
I reached in my wallet to pull out a ticket.
(He later told me he thought I was pulling out some bills)
I handed him the ticket.  Ashley asked him
who it was for.  His eyes got big as he said Golden State.
Ashley asked him, "When was the game?"
He said, "December 8."
Ashley asked him what that day was.  He finally
figured out it was that very day!
I said, "Let's go!"
And we were off!!!

The Golden State Warriors are currently the
hottest team in the NBA, and Preston's favorite team.
(Steph Curry's dad, Del, played for the Jazz!)
He writes sentences and paragraphs at school
about his favorite player, Klay Thompson.
Preston even had his Warriors hat on!

There were soooo many Warriors fans!
I truly believe these are the former Lakers fans,
but just a different jersey!!!

Cool aerial shot on jumbo tron of the jump ball!

Here's the cool guy that stacks chairs, and climbs, and does tricks:

I wanted this for the game, but they said there were
too many.  So, I set it up for two days later.

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