Sunday, December 25, 2016


I totally forgot to document this Thanksgiving!
Mom and I once again attended the
Whiteley Family Thanksgiving.
It was held in Wayne and Lisa's church building.
From our family, there were the 3 oldest kids...Chris, Camille, Ashley,
and their families.
McKay & fam with Lori's fam at their home.
Heidi & fam in Enterprise with Mike's fam.
Katie in Orlando.
I did get this cute pic of Addie wanting to hold Kenzie!
As usual, we basically hurried through dinner, so 
basketball could be played.
But, not like usual, I was smacked so hard in the
face by a basketball.

Best part of Thanksgiving?
Katie called.
We have a wedding date!
Saturday, July 22, 2017!
(probably) Salt Lake City.

Last of the nieces and nephews to get married!
The 6 nieces and nephews did not get married in their birth order,
but 3 of them did:

1.  Chris   #1     American Fork
2.  Camille   #4     Provo
3.  Ashley  #2     American Fork
4.  McKay  #3     Provo
5.  Heidi   #5     American Fork
6.  Katie   #6     Salt Lake City

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