Wednesday, December 28, 2016


December 5-10
was one of my busiest weeks of the year!
I was supposed to have 7 trips to Salt Lake in 5 days!
But, only made 6 (I'm counting Murray as SLC)

December 5:  Dance Recital at Timpanogos High, Orem
December 6:  Jazz game, Salt Lake City
December 7:  FFVF Board Meeting, Murray
(I was then supposed to attend the "Jazz Winter Bash"
with the Jazz team in SLC...but, I was "summoned by
the Stake Presidency)
2 1/2 hour PPI with the Stake Presidency, American Fork
December 8:  Jazz game, Salt Lake City
December 9:  Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert, Salt Lake City
December 10:  Ethan's Birthday Party, American Fork
ADK Christmas Party, Salt Lake City
Jazz game, Salt Lake City
On Saturday, I missed Carter's Jr. Jazz game, Saratoga Springs
Stake Conference for Adults, American Fork
(I justified missing this and going to the Jazz game,because 
1.  I pay BIG bucks for the game
2.  I missed the party with the players for the PPI.

Anyway...I just had to document that week.

On Saturday, December 10, I stopped at Renae's
house for about 10 minutes to put in and appearance
at his 3rd birthday party.  His birthday is December 22.

Ethan wanted a "monster" theme party.
I wish I was there longer to get more pics.
Waaaaay cute!

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