Thursday, February 16, 2017


I have known Don Beckstrand since 1984!
He taught 4th, 5th, and 6th grades at 
Alpine Elementary.
He was on my team for several years,
and, my most favorite team:
Calvan, Paul, and Don.
He was also an assistant principal
for awhile.
(He used to have to call for substitutes...bleh!)

Don married Marlene in 1988.
I knew her brother Glen, and sister, Carren, 
from high school.
Glen was one year older, Carren was
one year younger.

Marlene also taught school.
She was at Sego Lily, then Snow Springs.
Marlene was a trooper!
She was very ill for years . . . and still was a teacher.
During this time, Don would take Marlene to
the ER many nights, and then come and teach all day.
He was also a bishop.

Marlene had to finally quit teaching.
She passed away at the end of the
2011-2012 school year.

Don dated/was lined up with many ladies, 
including my classroom aide and a former teammate.
Some said he was the most eligible bachelor around!

Thank heavens, none of them worked out!!!
Don met Paige
and they were perfect!
They were married in April of 2015.
She has two daughters.
One who is married, and lives in Texas.
One who is an angel from above.

Don has always wanted to serve another mission.
And now, he will.
(First mission . . . Japan, age 19)
Don & Paige were called to serve in the
Indianapolis Indiana mission
working with seminaries and institutes.
My former student, Katelyn Simmons,
just returned from serving there.
(Steve Cleveland, former BYU basketball coach,
was the previous mission president there!)

I hope he gets to work at Purdue.
Maureen's daughter, Melanie, attends school there.
He also taught her.  
(non member)

Morgan Ruesch is in Layfette, Indiana.

Entering MTC August 7.
Serving for 12 months.

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