Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Oh, those good ol' school days!
I had these all through my schooling.
(Kindergarten - BYU)
And, about my first 15 years of teaching!
(Except I had a cute alphabet!)

A funny note about the clock:
In my classroom, it was set on the wall,
and could not be taken off.
The clock would be reset at the district office.
Sooo fun to watch the hands go around automatically!

Loved this song I sang in Program Bureau at Dixie Jr. College.

School days so they tell us, are the most sublime of our life.
We'll have the time of our life.
It's the absolute prime of our life.
They tell us school days are golden
In the olden days that might have been true,
But, in the olden days, they like torture and slavery, too
What are ya gonna do? Wooo.

School days so they tell us are the sweetest days that we'll know.
And, if that really is so,
Well, it comes as a but of a blow.
I mean if school days are the best of our lives,
Imagine the rest of our lives.
School Days!  School Days! 
Never let me go!

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