Monday, February 6, 2017


Lone Peak is the best sports high school in the state!
They win more state championships than any other
high school in the state!
Basketball, football, baseball, soccer, golf,
swimming, etc.
They also win championships in other areas, too.

I have a few kiddos on these teams, but
usually not too many sports.

Dakota (Kota) Hansen is the exception.
His dad, Brian, was my classmate
at American Fork.
Brian played football, basketball, and baseball
in high school.  Won region in all, and
State in basketball!
(2nd in state our sophomore year vs Bingham and
2nd as a junior vs Davis.  1st as a senior vs Davis!  1976)

Dakota's brother, Chase, was the Lone Peak
quarterback when they won the state championship.
He also played other sports.
He orally agreed to play football at BYU,
(Brian's alma mater...where he played football),
but switched to Utah.  After serving a mission in
Australia, he currently plays defense for Utah.
He's great, and I think he has a chance at the pros!

Dakota worked hard at a young age!
One time, I overheard an interaction between
him and another boy.  The boy asked Dakota if
he could play after school.  
Dakota told him all of these things he had
to do with working out and running.
He had the greatest work ethic with everything!
If you want to go somewhere with sports,
it starts young!

Dakota has been the quarterback at Lone Peak.
They took 2nd place in state, vs. Bingham.

"National Signing Day" 
or "Letter of Intent"
was held on February 1.
This is the day high school seniors sign
where they will play or intend to play football in college.
Dakota signed with the intent to
walk on at the
University of Utah.

I think I'll get to see him play
a time or two at BYU! 

 Last students to play college football:
Joe Phillips, Utah
Clint Mower, Utah
Zeke Mendenhall, BYU
Matt Mower, Utah State


First day of 5th grade.

Brian & Pam celebrate with Dakota.

The Lone Peak boys that signed to play
football at various colleges.

Here's something really interesting:
My mom taught Datkota's mom in 1st grade
in Sandy!
I also taught Pam's sister, Patti, my first year!
And, I've taught several of Dakota's cousins!

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