Tuesday, February 14, 2017



I loved everything about it!
It was a simple little holiday in the
middle of winter.  

I would do the party myself.
We would play "Valentine Bingo."

Play the "Candy Bar Game."
Then, I gave each kid a Hershey Bar as their valentine.
I had extras for my nieces and nephews.

 Peeking in at the 6th grade dance.

 Our desks were in a square to accommodate our
Valentine folders. 
I got smarter over the years.
We used to put the hearts on the front of their desks.
(Hence, the square.)
They could pass out valentines whenever they
brought them.
Most kids would sneak the treats inside the folder!
The last few years, we spent the first part of our
party passing out valentines.

Passing out the valentines that sat
on top of desk.
The square made it so easy to pass them out!

I usually got quite a haul!
The big red heart was the folders we made.
Mom taught me how to make them.

The Sage Hills kiddos
(minus Carter, who made his in class)
had to create their own Valentine holder.

Addie and Jaycie's unicorns were adorable!
Check out Preston's!
Golden State Warriors basketball court!

Camry made a guitar.

This year was uneventful.
I got mom beautiful flowers.
Heidi brought me and mom a little plant.
I went to Costco and bought me some
"Rice Rollers" and my gum.
That was it.  The End.

Got a chuckle out of this:

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