Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Heidi's husband, Mike, competes in the strong man competitions.
It's amazing!  I haven't gone to a competition
(a little trouble with the foot, balance, etc)

Here's his spotlight:

Competitor Spotlight
Competitor: Michael Schmutz
Names of any family member(s) at contest to support you: Heidi-wife
Occupation: Lead data analyst
Training crew and location: Patriot Strength Club, Utah
How long you have been training strongman: 1 year
How long you have been lifting weights: 16 years
All sports played from high school, college, amateur, pro, etc: 
football, track in high school

Best Strongman Event: yoke
Worst Strongman Event: stones
Best Squat (parallel or lower) specify please: 535 parallel
Best Deadlift: 585
Max Overhead lift: 280
Max bench press (estimate if you don’t know): 365
Favorite TV show(s): The Office
Favorite Movie(s): Action movies
Favorite food: Steak and potatoes
Hobbies besides strongman: 4 kids

Here are various pictures of Michael training
and competing:

Pulled the fam in the Bronco this morning. Did it twice for about 50 yards and 
was burnt.  The girls always wonder why we go so slow! 

Mike is married to my niece, Heidi.
Heidi is #5 in my brother's family.
They are the parents of 4 children:
Oakley . . . 5 1/2
Allyson . . . 3
Brooklyn . . . 3
Jacob . . . 10 months
We adore Mikey, and love having him be
a part of our family!

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