Monday, November 7, 2016


2016 voting...check.  My mom just voted in her 16th presidential election!  
Her first was at age 21...President Dwight Eisenhower vs Governor Adlai Stevenson. 
 I just voted in my 11th presidential election!  My first was at age 17...President Gerald Ford 
vs Governor Jimmy Carter. 

 I've voted with a pencil tied to a string in a voting booth, 
punching ballots (those hanging chads), and electronically! 
 I've voted at the Utah County Building,  Shelley Elementary, Legacy Elementary, 
American Fork High School, Barratt Elementary,
American Fork Senior Citizen Building, and American Fork Public Library!

It's also nice that Mark is in charge of elections in the state!  
And yes, I voted for the Alpine School District bond!  I voted
for Governor Herbert...a vote for him is a vote for Mark's job!
I also voted for Senator Mike Lee from Alpine and Congressman
 Jason Chaffetz...the former BYU football player that kicked barefooted.
I did not vote for the criminal, who says she puts kids and
families first...but then approves abortions up until just before a baby is born!
But, I'm pretty sure she'll win anyway.  
And then the former FLOTUS will become the new POTUS...and the former 
POTUS will become the new FLOTUS???
(As long as he's not Secretary of Interns!!!)
And just like when her husband was president, I may not agree with
him or like what he does (Monica, anyone?) but, I supported
him as my president.
And I will support her as my president.

It's pretty funny that Nixon erased 18 minutes of
(reel to reel) tape and had to resign . . . Hillary?  Deletes more than
30,000 classified emails, and it's just a big oopsie!
And, let's not mention Benghazi.
My country.  My president.
(Unless she gets impeached!)

Early voting is the way to go!!!  In the past, it was not available!  
There was only absentee voting, and you had to have an serving
in the military, a mission, working in a foreign country, etc.
We went October 27.  Voting was from 1:00 - 5:00 pm.
We got there at 12:45, and they had already started.  We walked out
10 minutes later.  The closer it gets to election day, the longer the wait.
#Proudtobeinalpineschooldistrict📚  #proudtobean🇺🇸

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