Saturday, November 5, 2016


BYU Football has been trying to get in the 
Big 12 Conference
 for a couple of years.

We were in the
Skyline Conference
which became the
Western Athletic Conference
which then became the
Mountain West Conference.

And then, Utah went to the 
PAC 12 Conference
and BYU panicked,
and became
Which means you're on your own.
You find your own teams to play.
No conference championship.
But, you can go to bowl games.

In order to get into the big bowl games,
you have to be in a big conference.
Well, we were rejected by the
Big 12 Conference
which is really the
Big 10 Conference
because 2 teams left for the

Everyone else who applied were
rejected, too.

So, BYU remains

And then,
Coach Reno Mahe posted the
best Instagram.

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