Saturday, November 26, 2016


Lone Peak High School has had a tradition of having
a "Freedom Week" since the school opened in 1998!
I went to the assembly and the "Freedom Halls" in February,
and thought that it couldn't be topped.
It was.
This school year, Freedom Week was held the
week of Veteran's Day. 
The four students who attended the
Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge
were all were on the planning committee.


The Utah Speaker of the House was a speaker.

Students who attended Boys & Girls State this last summer.

Freedoms Foundation participants.  These students
were able to attend Valley Forge last spring.

All students who had a family member die while serving our
country each held a picture of that family member.

The choir with "Mama J."
Lois and I were AEA faculty reps together for many years.

A former Lone Peak alum was killed one year after graduation
while serving our country.  He was highlighted, and his
 family was given a plaque.  He has been inducted into the
Lone Peak Hall of Fame.

A slide show from the students about freedom.

Another guest speaker was the father of a student.
He is a Lieutenant Colonel.  He was involved
when Sadam Husein was captured.

A slide show about our great country.

Fabulous guest speakers.

Alpine Elementary alum, Oakley Thacker,
with his WWII veteran great grandfather.

Student Council, committee, and guests.

Committee with guests.
Love the fabulous tee shirts the committee had!

Tim Pead, left, was in charge of Freedom Week.
He did his "student principaling" at 
Alpine Elementary under David.
(Is that a word?  Like student teaching to be a teacher,
 only preparing to be a principal.)
He is an assistant principal at Lone Peak.

Several halls are decorated by students.

9-11 victims names are listed on the towers.

Students listed their heroes.

American flags lined the road in front of the school.

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