Saturday, August 5, 2017


In the mid 80's, the North Mountain
in Alpine caught on fire, due to carelessness.
It happened right after school began.
The kids used to stand outside on the playground
and watch the fire.
Then, the air was too bad, and the kids
had to stay in.

Our secretary, Sandra Walker, was also
the Stake Relief Society President, when
there was just one stake.
She had to coordinate which wards would feed
the firefighters which meal.
The firefighters "home away from home" were
in army tents in the park on Main Street.

That fire, and the next 5 fires, 
were started by man.
Fireworks (more than once), a back hoe,
and this one . . . target shooting.

I started to see pictures of this fire
on Facebook when I was in New Orleans.
When I flew home, I could see the fire
from the plane.  We were 2 hours late leaving
New Orleans.
When we flew over Alpine, it was pitch dark,
even from my first class seat!
It made me cry!
(When I flew home from Philadelphia once,
it seemed while looking over Utah, the
entire state was on fire!)

Some things never change!

This is Nancy's house, with the fire behind.
The photo was taken from Creekside Park.

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