Saturday, August 5, 2017



 This book is about Al Fox, a young lady who grew
up in Rochester, New York, met the missionaries, joined
the LDS Church, and moved to Utah.
As the title says, she was very tatted up.
She was an ordinance worker in the Provo Temple
one month after being endowed, is a 
motivational speaker, married, and had a baby.

Before Columbine, Sandy Hook, 9-11,
there was the Cokeville Miracle.
I was finishing up my 10th year of teaching when this
happened at Cokeville, Wyoming.
The teachers and students were held hostage by
a deranged former law officer in the city and his wife.
They were the only two to die in the incident.

I began reading the blog,
"NieNie Dialogues" years ago.
Written by Stephanie Nielsen, many of
my former students who were blogging, had her
button on the side of their blogs.
I began reading it, too.
And then, she and her husband were in a
horrific plane crash.
Following her blog has been amazing!

All three of these books are nonfiction,
and all were easy, fast reads!

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