Wednesday, August 2, 2017



Last night, I was fixing dinner.
I  was getting my mom's sweet potato ready
to put in the microwave.
Unfortunately, I used a serrated knife.
Blood and blood.
Soooo much blood.

I wrapped it up and finished dinner.
Two nieces are RNs.
I decided to call the niece that
wasn't on her honeymoon.
I called Heidi to see if
she could super glue it.
Of course, she wasn't home.
After about 1 1/2 hours, she called back.
She told me to take a picture.
She said it was too close to  the joint,
and wouldn't heal without being closed.

So, off to the  ER I went.
The nurse that checked me in was
Sheryl Pedersen.
I had not seen her since high school
graduation . . . 41 years ago!

Well, a nurse gave me 2 shots at the base of
my thumb.
When the doctor started to stitch it up,
I told him my thumb wasn't dead!
He gave me 2 more shots, right
in the cut!

4 stitches later, and 1 tetanus shot,
and I was good to go!
I have to go back in  8 days to get them removed.

2 WEEKS LATER . . . 

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