Monday, June 13, 2016


Mother's Day used to always be awkward to me.
Especially at church, when they would have
all the mothers stand up in church, to receive a flower.
Once, there was one deacon who tried to give
me a plant, even though I wasn't standing.
He said, "You must be a mother, you're old!"
I was all of 28.

I was even punished once for my feelings about
Mother's Day when Bishop Bagley made me
speak in Sacrament Meeting on Mother's Day,
about Mother's Day!

Now, our ward has every woman over 18
receive a gift.
I don't care anymore.
But, it's a great day when the nieces and nephews
come over with their families to visit Grandma Dixie.

Well, this year, what a surprise!
Cards for ME from Oakley and Ashley's kids,
declaring in was "Auntie Ann Day!"
I'll take it!!!

"Auntie Ann Day" should be a world holiday!
Or national, at the very least!!!

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