Friday, June 10, 2016


On Friday, April 29, I took Addie,
Camry & Jaycie to see the 
Timberline Middle School production of
Bye Bye Birdie.

We decided to make a night of it,
and went to Pizza Pie Cafe for dinner.

Addie & Jaycie

Camry & Aunt Ann

It's always fun to take Addie!

My last class, 2012-2013, are now in 8th grade.
Former students involved in the play were:

Avery Spencer . . . Mr. MacAfee
Lydia Arnold . . . Mrs. Doris MacAfee
(the parents were both my kiddos)
Becca Hawkes . . . Sad Girl, 1
Josh Armatage . . . Karl & Maude's Customer

Josh Armatage
Becca Hawkes
Leslie Neves
Brice Page

Production Crew
Ty Christensen . . . Spotlight Operator

Adah Shippen . . . Cello
Mary Neves . . . Clarinet

Here are some pictures from Lydia's mom:

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