Monday, June 27, 2016


One of my former students, Taylor Rhodes, won
a national contest to design a picture for the
rock group, Boston, for their 40th anniversary tour.
Boston was popular when I was in college . . . 1977-1979.
Taylor also conducted the Utah Symphony when he was in my class!

(As a side note, my patriarchal blessing,
 that I received at age 15 1/2, says in one section:
"Teach the children the way that they should go, and they
will rise up and call you blessed.")
I interpret this as how successful my students have become!
So many accomplishments!
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Alpine resident's winning design proves 'More Than a Feeling'
·       Doug Fox Daily Herald

Perhaps it shouldn't come as a total surprise that Taylor Rhodes was in church when inspiration struck.
Never mind that he happened to be scrolling through the Facebook feed on his smart phone at the time, but the second Rhodes saw details of a national contest sponsored by iconic rock band Boston to design an original graphic honoring the group's 40th Anniversary Tour this summer, the Alpine resident's mind flooded with potential ideas.
"I learned about it in the third hour at church, and I couldn't concentrate because I was thinking of what I could do," said Rhodes, 23. "It suddenly came to me. That's why I guess you can call it 'divine intervention.' "
Rhodes' original artwork went on to capture first place in the contest, netting him a $1,000 grand prize, the thrill of seeing his work appear on some of Boston's official merchandise, and tickets and backstage passes for the band's concert Saturday at USANA Amphitheatre in West Valley City.
Recognizing that he was referencing a song by another popular rock band from Boston's genre, Rhodes said he had kind of a "Jukebox Hero" experience when he saw Tom Scholz and Co. for the first time, which was a rainy night at USANA Amphitheatre just two years ago. He was so moved by the show that he immediately went out and bought a guitar and started playing.
"I bought a gold top Les Paul copy. Yeah, Boston fanboy-ism!" Rhodes said, noting his guitar is visually similar to Scholz's main axe. "That was the guitar I bought and put in (the winning graphic)."
Rhodes' winning entry features that guitar prominently placed between an otherworldly pair of hands, and pays homage to Boston in ways that are both obvious and subtle. The guitar features some lighting additions that bring to mind the band's iconic spaceship motif, while also referencing the 40th Anniversary Tour. Rhodes said he even switched the color of the pictured guitar pick to match the baby blue of Scholz's Rockman amp line.
All that effort and inspiration paid off when Rhodes -- a music major at BYU-Idaho who is home for the summer in Alpine -- received word in school that he'd won the contest.
"I freaked out," he said. "I couldn't even focus. I didn't expect it."
Boston sent the Daily Herald a statement about Rhodes' entry through the band's longtime publicist.
“We didn’t have any predetermined expectations about the designs that would come in," the statement said. "We just knew that the 40th Anniversary Tour of Boston was something very special and we wanted our fans to have a chance to be part of the overall celebration if they were so inclined. Graphic arts, like music, is an individual preference. We were heartened by all of the beautiful submissions that we received. There was something distinct about Taylor’s design that moved us.”
Rhodes said his whole family are big Boston fans. The first album he remembers listening to was "Third Stage," but soon after he found all the band's CDs in his parents' collection at home. On Saturday, they'll have the opportunity to tell band members in person just how much their music has meant to them.
"I'm so excited to meet the band," Rhodes said.
That's when his journey from inspiration to "Peace of Mind" will come full circle.
Here are pictures from the concert:

 The family wearing Taylor's design is on all of the shirts sold at concert.

 Hannah Smith, from my last class, is on the left.

 Setting up the stage

Taylor's sister, Lauren, from my last class.

Thank you to all of the artists that entered the BOSTON artwork contest. 
We received many great 
 designs by a lot of talented people, and really 
appreciate all the time everyone took to get creative! 
The winner is Taylor Rhodes, who created the following image, which will
 appear on some merchandise this summer. Taylor will receive $1,000, plus
 a pair of tickets and backstage passes to a BOSTON 40th Anniversary Tour show. 
Congratulations, Taylor!!!

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