Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Lone Peak High School students were released from school Wednesday after a bomb threat was made toward the school.
According to the Alpine School District, the Lone Peak Police Department is investigating after the threat was made. 
All students were released from school and the school's calling system notified all parents. 
"Once police have cleared the school, we anticipate school to be back in session as regularly scheduled tomorrow," the school district said in a press release.
Kimberly Bird, a spokesperson for Alpine School District, said the call came in to the office during an assembly. A student answered the call, which sounded like it might be a recording.
"We have to treat it as a credible phone call," Bird said. 
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It will take two to three hours for law enforcement to clear the entire building.
Some students were taking final exams that day, Bird said.
The threat is one of the latest in a slew of bomb threats made against schools nationwide this week. On Monday, a bomb threat at Murray High School caused an evacuation. 
According to the Associated Press, the threat in Murray on Monday came as schools from New England to Wisconsin, California and the United Kingdom reported similar threats. Other schools in New Hampshire and Colorado were also evacuated.

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