Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Cebrina Ator was a great student!
When she was a senior in high school,
she was a cheerleader at Lone Peak.
She and two other students helped me celebrate
when I received my "Teacher of the Year" award.

Cebrina is now in her third year as a cheerleader at UVU.

She was married on Friday, June 3.

You'd never think an "Ator" would marry and move up the alphabet!
But, Cebrina has gone from Ator to Anderson!

I'm sorry this picture is not straight.
But, I taught 6 of these 7 Ator children!!!
Left to right:  Mikayla, #3  Mikayla was in my class when their father was killed.
She is getting married on August 27.
Carissa #5, Cedric #6, Karlene is the mother, and looks like the sisters.
She's a widow, and is now going through her 2nd divorce.
Cebrina, #4, Tyler, Zach, #2, Arianne, #7 (the only one I didn't teach.  She
moved to Arizona, but I would have been retired anyway)  Kelsey, #1.

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