Sunday, June 12, 2016



(Except the year 2012.  My class and I
were picking up the lunches for the ENTIRE
grade level!  When we got outside, with the
lunches, the rest of the grade had left!
Luckily, Paul was called to the phone, and
they had not left.  My class had to squeeze
onto the 4th grade bus!)

Anyway, it was one of my favorite activities!
This year, it was Jaycie's turn to participate.
Since I had a FFVF board meeting that goes until
5:30 in Midvale, and it's traffic all the way, 
I went to the morning dress rehearsal!
No problems getting in and out!
I just don't get to see the pre-show, and
specialty numbers, like the Golden Girls.
But, I saw the Golden Girls at a Jazz game
this year!

(Last year, all of my HOA shirts, but one
of each color, were taken to DI.
You can only have so many HOA shirts!)

This is Mickelle Gregory's class from
Freedom Elementary.  
I wanted to show how great the flag looked
at the nighttime performance.

Favorite song:
"We Can Be A Light"
But, who decided on NO disco ball???

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